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29 January 2013 @ 21:08
Eighth Doctor checklist  

Bold for things I've done some of
Underline for things I've finished
Italics for things I own hardcopy

156Doctor WhoTV-Movie
BBC801The Eight DoctorsNovel
ST27One Fateful KnightShort Story
ST27From Little AcornsShort Story
ST1Model Train SetShort Story
ST7The Glass PrincessShort Story
ST2TotemShort Story
ST21Second ContactShort Story
ST21DS Al FineShort Story
ST28Transmission EndsShort Story
NA61The Dying DaysNovel
BF123The Company of Friends [Benny's Story]1 episode
ST13Thinking WarriorShort Story
ST13The EtherealShort Story
ST14...Be ForgotShort Story
ST18Not in my BackyardShort Story
RTDescendance Comic
BBCi03Shada6 episodes
ST11The Time Lord's StoryShort Story
ST11The Juror's StoryShort Story
ST15Seven Deadly SinsShort Story
ST18The Long MidwinterShort Story
ST20Dear JohnShort Story
BF123The Company of Friends [Mary's Story]1 episode
BF153The Silver Turk4 episodes
BF154The Witch From the Well
4 episodes
BF155Army of Death
4 episodes
BF16Storm Warning4 episodes
BF17Sword of Orion4 episodes
ST11Repercussions...Short Story
ST12Best SellerShort Story
BF18The Stones of Venice4 episodes
BF19Minuet in Hell4 episodes
ST8A Good LifeShort Story
ST17VenusShort Story
ST18Be good for Goodness' SakeShort Story
BF28Invaders From Mars4 episodes
BF29The Chimes of Midnight4 episodes
ST23War in a Time of PeaceShort Story
ST24You Had Me at Verify User Name and PasswordShort Story
ST25They FellShort Story
ST25Faithful Friends: Part 3Short Story
ST28Doctor Who and the Adaptation of DeathShort Story
DWM4Living Legend1 episode
BF30Seasons of Fear4 episodes
ST23Lady of the SnowsShort Story
BF31Embrace the Darkness4 episodes
CC32Solitaire2 episodes
ST16The Heroine, the Hero and the MegalomaniacShort Story
BF32The Time of the Daleks4 episodes
ST5Apocrypha BipediumShort Story
BF33Neverland2 episodes
BF50Zagreus3 episodes
BF52Scherzo4 episodes
BF53The Creed of the Kromon4 episodes
BF54Natural History of Fear4 episodes
BF55The Twilight Kingdom4 episodes
BF61Faith Stealer4 episodes
BF62The Last4 episodes
BF63Caerdroia4 episodes
BF64The Next Life6 episodes
BF72Terror Firma4 episodes
ST16Round Trip: Before MidnightShort Story
ST16Round Trip: After MidnightShort Story
BF75Scaredy Cat4 episodes
BF77Other Lives4 episodes
BF80Time Works4 episodes
BF83Something Inside4 episodes
BF88Memory Lane4 episodes
ST24Salva MeaShort Story
BF101Absolution4 episodes
BF103The Girl Who Never Was4 episodes
ST24The Sorrows of ViennaShort Story
ST20ForgottenShort Story
BBC701Blood of the Daleks2 episodes
BBC702Horror of Glam Rock1 episode
BBC703Immortal Beloved1 episode
BBC704Phobos1 episode
BBC705No More Lies1 episode
BBC706Human Resources2 episodes
ST24Remain in LightShort Story
ST25Decorative PurposeShort Story
BBC707Dead London1 episode
BBC708Max Warp1 episode
BBC709Brave New Town1 episode
ST26The Great EscapesShort Story
BBC710The Skull of Sobek1 episode
BBC711Grand Theft Cosmos1 episode
BBC712The Zygon Who Fell to Earth1 episode
BBC713Sisters of the Flame / The Vengeance of Morbius2 episodes
BBC714Orbis2 episodes
BBC715Hothouse2 episodes
BBC716The Beast of Orlok2 episodes
BBC717Wirrn Dawn2 episodes
BBC718The Scapegoat2 episodes
BBC719The Cannibalists2 episodes
BBC720The Eight Truths / Worldwide Web4 episodes
BBC721Death in Blackpool2 episodes
BF129An Earthly Child1 episode
BF142aThe Four Doctors1 episode
BBC722Situation Vacant2 episodes
BBC723Nevermore2 episodes
BBC724The Book of Kells2 episodes
BBC725Deimos / The Resurrection of Mars4 episodes
BBC726Relative Dimensions2 episodes
BBC727Prisoner of the Sun2 episodes
BBC728Lucie Miller / To the Death4 episodes
DWMEnd GameComic
DWMThe KeepComic
DWMA Matter of Life and DeathComic
DWMFire and BrimstoneComic
DWMBy Hook or By CrookComic
DWMTooth and ClawComic
DWMThe Final ChapterComic
ST10SyntaxShort Story
DWMHappy DeathdayComic
DWMThe FallenComic
DWMUnnatural Born KillersComic
DWMThe Road to HellComic
DWMTV Action!Comic
DWMThe Company of ThievesComic
DWMThe Glorious DeadComic
DWMThe Autonomy BugComic
BF123The Company of Friends [Izzy's Story]1 episode
DWMBeautiful FreaksComic
DWMThe Way of All FleshComic
DWMChildren of the RevolutionComic
DWMMe and My ShadowsComic
DWMWhere Nobody Knows Your NameComic
DWMDoctor Who and the Nightmare GameComic
DWMThe Power of ThouerisComic
DWMThe Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled JackComic
DWMThe Land of Happy EndingsComic
DWMBad BloodComic
DWMSins of the FatherComic
DWMThe FloodComic
TEL06Rip TideNovella
TEL12Eye of the TygerNovella
BBC802Vampire ScienceNovel
BBC803The BodysnatchersNovel
ST2/E&BDead TimeAudio
BBC805War of the DaleksNovel
BBC806Alien BodiesNovel
BBC808Option LockNovel
ST1/E&BThe People's TempleShort Story
ST3The Queen of ErosShort Story
BBC809Longest DayNovel
BBC810Legacy of the DaleksNovel
BBC811Dreamstone MoonNovel
BBC812Seeing INovel
BBC813Placebo EffectNovel
BBC814Vanderdeken's ChildrenNovel
BBC815The Scarlet EmpressNovel
BBC816The Janus ConjunctionNovel
BBC818The Face-EaterNovel
ST2Femme FataleShort Story
BBC819The TaintNovel
BBC821Revolution ManNovel
BBC823Unnatural HistoryNovel
BBC824Autumn MistNovel
BBC825Interference: Book OneNovel
BBC826Interference: Book TwoNovel
BBC827The Blue AngelNovel
BBC828The Taking of Planet 5Novel
BBC829Frontier WorldsNovel
BBC830Parallel 59Novel
ST4Growing HigherShort Story
BBC831The Shadows of AvalonNovel
BBC832The Fall of YquatineNovel
BBC834The Space AgeNovel
BBC835The Banquo LegacyNovel
BBC836The Ancestor CellNovel
BBC837The BurningNovel
ST14EvergreenShort Story
BBC838Casualties of WarNovel
BBC839The Turing TestNovel
ST7MordieuShort Story
BBC841Father TimeNovel
BBC842Escape VelocityNovel
BBCP73Fear ItselfNovel
BBC844Vanishing PointNovel
BBC845Eater of WaspsNovel
BBC846The Year of Intelligent TigersNovel
BBC847The Slow EmpireNovel
BBC848Dark ProgenyNovel
BBC849The City of the DeadNovel
BF123The Company of Friends [Fitz's Story]1 episode
BBC850Grimm RealityNovel
BBC851The Adventuress of Henrietta StreetNovel
BBC852Mad Dogs and EnglishmenNovel
BBC855Trading FuturesNovel
BBC856The Book of the StillNovel
BBC857The Crooked WorldNovel
TEL10Fallen GodsNovella
BBC858History 101Novel
BBC859Camera ObscuraNovel
ST5Notre Dame du TempsShort Story
BBC860Time ZeroNovel
BBC861The Infinity RaceNovel
BBC862The Domino EffectNovel
BBC863Reckless EngineeringNovel
BBC864The Last ResortNovel
BBC866Emotional ChemistryNovel
BBC867Sometime Never...Novel
BBC869The Tomorrow WindowsNovel
BBC870The Sleep of ReasonNovel
BBC871The Deadstone MemorialNovel
BBC872To the SlaughterNovel
BBC873The Gallifrey ChroniclesNovel
ST6Gazing VoidShort Story
ST8Reversal of FortuneShort Story
ST9Far From HomeShort Story
ST10JonahShort Story
ST19The Wickerwork ManShort Story
ST22Museum PeaceShort Story
ST24OsskahShort Story
ST25For the Man Who Has EverythingShort Story
ST27EpilogueShort Story
ST28LonelyShort Story
ST28NettlesShort Story
ST10The EndShort Story

Not listed are 'Dark Eyes' #1 (4 episodes), which I own and have listened to. Also a few short trips audiobooks from Big Finish.

Also the 50th Anniversary story 'The Light at the End' which comes out in November, and 'Destiny of the Doctor' which comes in August.
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